Sassuolo – 29 Km

    (Frescoes of the Palazzo Ducale of Sassuolo, photo of the Estensi Galleries of Modena)

    From the churches to the Palazzo Ducale , which has a Facebook, page, from the Terme della Salvarola to the ancient villas, up to the Castle of Montegibbio, there are innumerable beautiful landmarks that the city of Sassuolo and the surrounding hamlets offer.

    Further information on the Municipality website


    Formigine – 31 Km

    (Formigine, photo of the Municipality of Formigine)

    In addition to the historical visit to the castle, you can immerse yourself in the nature of dell’ Oasi di Colombarone.
    There is also an indoor swimming pool and an outdoor pool with water slides during the summer months.
    More information on Visit Formigine

    More information on  Visit Formigine


    Viano – 31 Km

    (Reggiana hill landscape – Terre di Matilde)

    Paesaggio collina Reggiana – Terre di Matilde


    Guiglia – 32 Km

    (Guiglia, photo of the Municipality of Guiglia)

    The splendid Castello del Trecento or outdoor pool in the summer months.

    Further information on the Municipality website.


    Roccamalatina – 34 Km

    (I Sassi di Roccamalatina in inverno, foto di S. Remondini)

    Known for its imposing sandstone cliffs dating back to the middle Miocene geological epoch, the Sassi di Roccamalatina, which give the name to the Regional Park that surrounds the town.

    More info on


    Castelnuovo Rangone – 34 Km
    Do not miss the Archaeological Park of Terramara, where you can participate in guided tours, workshops and activities for both schools and the public, which also has a Facebook Page.

    Sestola – 34 Km

    Nestled in Parco Regionale del Frignano or the Modenese High Apennines), it is a spot to admire the mountain Cimone from close up.
    A few kilometers from town there is the beautiful Lago della Ninfa to which a legend.

    (Lago della Ninfa, foto archivio Ente Parchi Emilia Centrale)

    From Sestola you can reach Pian del Falco and Monte Cimone offering activities all year round, like trekking and biking routes and ski slopes.
    Cimone Bike Park.
    The area offers a bike park and on the slopes of the mountain you’ll find the Adventure Park Cimone.
    Activity with Scuola di Sci Cimoncino and Monkey Park Adventure.
    More info on Sito del Comune di Sestola,  Cimone Info and 
    Cimone Sci.


    Pievepelago – 36 Km

    (Pievepelago late summer, photo of the Municipality of Pievepelago)

    Both, in town and the surroundings there are many historical and natural beauties to see. From the Domma Mill to the sanctuary of the Madonna di Monticello to the church of the confraternity of Santa Maria Assunta; Roccapelago with the Pelago fortress, the parish church of San Paolo and the Mummies Museum as well as Sant’Andreapelago with the Borgo and the Celtic Roncacci hut.
    If you decide to take the urban trails you may choose amongst a various of trails with different degrees of difficulty. The path Antiche Orme, the river Scoltenna, one of the paths to the lakes Baccio, Santo, Torbido, Turchino, or the mountains Giovo and Rondinaio.


    Castelnovo ne’ monti – 41 Km
    Tourist center renowned for its scenic and cultural richness. There are several palaces, castles and churches that you can visit in the surrounding towns, including the Hermitage of Castelnovo ne ‘Monti, located on the slopes of Pietra di Bismantova, a favorite destination for climbers and trekking lovers, but also rich of history and mystery.

    Riserva Orientata del Fiume Secchia – 43 Km

    (Riserva fiume secchia, foto di Enrico Turillazzi)
    Also called the Secchia River Nature Reserve.


    Modena – 45 Km
    Duomo di Modena

    The city’s Cathedral, the Civic Tower and the Piazza Grande are since 1997 on the list of Italian World Heritage sites of UNESCO(Wikipedia).
    More info on 
    Comune di Modena, La Guida di Modena and Visit Modena.


    Abetone – 48 Km
    For lovers of nature and winter sports.
    More info on Sito del Comune di Abetone Cutigliano.

    Monteveglio – 49 Km
    Monteveglio is in the Apennines Bolognese and a few minutes away from the inhabited area stands the monumental complex of Parco Regionale dell’Abbazia di Monteveglio.
    More information on


    Reggio Emilia – 50 Km
    Reggio Emilia

    Reggio Emilia is the place of origin of the famous Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and is home to the Italian flag and a gold medal for the military valor of the Resistance during the Second World War (Wikipedia).
    More information on Reggio Emilia Turismo, Eventi Comune Reggio Emilia and Turismo Comune Reggio Emilia.


    Vezzano sul Crostolo – 51 Km
    Nature and activities for all tastes and all ages at the Ecoparco cwhich extends for about 55 hectares from the top of Mount Grafagnana up to the course of Torrente Crostolo, also publicized on its own a Facebook Page.
    More info on Municipality website.


    Ligonchio – 55 Km
    Access point and heart of the Parco Nazionale dell’Appennino Tosco Emiliano.
    More info on  Municipality website.


    Quattro Castella – 56 Km

    (Castello di Bianello, from the website

    Do not miss the  Castello di Bianello and the homonymous Oasi  Oasi Lipu.
    More info on Municipality website.


    Riserva Naturale Orientata Rupe di Campotrera – 58 Km

    (Rupe di Campotrera, foto archivio Ente Parchi Emilia Centrale)

    Excursions for all tastes, among history and nature.
    Further information on the website Sito dei Parchi dell’Emilia Centrale.